Wiseburn Education Foundation

Music & Arts Education

Why our students need music and the arts

Learning to play an instrument and engaging in the arts are not just peripheral activities in Wiseburn schools — they are centered and celebrated in the curriculum. Numerous studies show a link between music and arts education and increased academic performance. Beyond improving learning outcomes, music and the arts boost student confidence, excitement for school, and creative thinking skills. Wiseburn Education Foundation invests in this critical area to ensure all students have access to an engaging music and arts curriculum that supports their development now and for their futures.

WEF's support of music & arts education

Wiseburn Education Foundation supports the Wiseburn Unified School District’s visual and performing arts program from grades TK – 8. This includes salaries, visual arts supplies, equipment, and new instruments, like through the 5th and 6th grade violin and ukulele programs. WEF also supports the Da Vinci music program for grades 9 – 12, which includes new instruments, music stands, music repertoire, and recording technology.

Douglas James Sweeney Memorial Fund

Douglas James Sweeney, son of Jim and Dorothy Sweeney, had great musical talent and a love for the arts at an early age. His appreciation for music and the arts is carried on via the Douglas James Sweeney Memorial Fund, which supports music education in Wiseburn schools. In 2017, the fund brought ukulele instruction to more than 200 5th grade Wiseburn students as an ongoing addition to the existing music program. Contributions to the memorial fund provided support for 70 ukuleles, two portable storage carts inscribed with a plaque in Doug’s memory, and ten weeks of ukulele instruction.

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